047722600_1426736648-19032015-botolbekas Many people buy bottled mineral water, especially when feelling thirsty and do not carry owned drinking water from home. Some people will even re-use the plastic bottles package of water after the water runs out. Not a few also encountered many traders use plastic bottles, or other bottle packaging to sell their products, such as packaging of traditional herbal medicine, or a variety of other beverage products and just relabeled only.

But is it safe to reuse the bottles of bottled water? If it is safe, how often repeated use are considered safe? There are a lot of people consider it safe, and some are not. Some people think that bottled water only for disposable packaging.

Quoted from the Huffington Post, according to several medical studies reveal that the bacteria can grow on the plastic bottle itself. Health experts say that the repeated use of packaging plastic bottles could be a bad influence on health.

A plastic bottle of drinking water is thin and easily damaged, and this is where bacteria can thrive. Washing plastic bottles for reuse can actually make other bacteria get into the bottle. Using one to two times is the safest limit if you want to re-use plastic bottles of bottled water. After that it should be discarded.

If you want to be safe, place water in plastic bottles that are used for drinking water, some plastic bottles are designed to be used repeatedly and secure is Tupperware, Lion Star or other reliable brands plastic bottles. Do not be too often reuse plastic bottles water.


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