borong-berbagi-rz-ukir-senyum-mbah-tinemPALEMBANG.On Thursday (11/10) Volunteer of RZ Palembang for the first time held B & B program (Borong & Berbagi / buy and share). A total of 5 volunteers participated in this activity. Target B & B today is Mbah Tinem. She sells roasted peanuts and boiled peanuts parking area of International Plaza Palembang. Mbah Tinem , 83-year-old is still the spirit of seeking fortune by selling.

On this occasion, Volunteer of RZ Palembang was in action to buy all Mbah Tinem’s roasted peanuts. In addition to buy merchandise, Volunteer of RZ Palembang is also an opportunity to visit Mbah Tinem’s residence on in Jl. Merdeka, Jembatan Karang right next to the Mayor’s Office Palembang while providing basic food parcels containing rice, sugar, wheat, vegetable oil, tea, milk, soy, milk, cereals and biscuits.

“Mbah Tinem sells roasted peanuts and boiled peanuts every day at the International Plaza Palembang motorcycle parking. Roasted peanuts and boiled peanuts are not her own product, but mbah Tinem just take a wage of Rp 200 from each pack of peanuts sold. “Said Widi, Volunteer of RZ Palembang, Mbah Tinem have to sell 150 packs per day for a wage of Rp 30,000. Mbah Tinem must sell peanuts from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm. To get to International Plaza Palembang Mbah Tinem should issue costs 10,000 once departed.

Having bought Mbah Tinem product, Volunteers of RZ Palembang also distribute the fried peanuts to residents around, Jl. Merdeka Palembang.


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