BORONG DAN BERBAGI BAJIGUR ABAH ROICIMAHI. Abah Roi is a bajigur seller, was 84 years old. His old body does not make him ceased to support himself and his wife. Abah Roi stayed in Cihanjuang, Cibaligo RT 04 RW 02, Abah Roi usually sells his bajigur at the fork on Cihanjuang street Darul Fikri.

Abah Roi has been selling bajigur since 1970 and stopped because he suffered from prostate and kidney disease, to cure his disease he had to sell his motorcycle and some other properties. He had to be hospitalized for about three months and he should undergo a surgery for her kidney disease.


He started back to sell bajigur since two months ago. The profit is not much, from the capital of 200,000 he could only earn 300,000. Together with his wife Emak Neng Komariah he sells from 11.00 am until 08.00 pm, sometimes if his product doesn’t sold out he would always share it with neighbors near his home.


Abah Roi only has one child, and she had already had grandchildren so she does not work and just take care of her grandson at home, When volunteers of Rumah Zakat Cimahi met him, he was deeply moved and thanked for buying all of his bajigur.


“Thank you all, thank you for helping me today, So i can go home early today, hopefully you are all rewarded by Allah SWT “said Abah Roi.


“His old hands were shaking when he served us, while occasionally talk and utter gratitude. Bajigur  from Abah Roi we share with children at Insan Kamil orphanages at Cihanjuang street ” Volunteer Coordinator Cimahi, Husnul Said.


Children who received bajigur of Abah Roi was very happy with the arrival of volunteers to the orphanage, the volunteers were greeted with a sweet smile of the children there while greet volunteers one by one.

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