BORONG DAN BERBAGI HADIRKAN SENYUM UNTUK PUANG LABBAMAKASSAR. Puang Labba (62) is a merchant who peddle Cassava to earn money for his family at home. At Jl. AP Pettarani Puang used to sell his cassava for nearly a year. He came far away from Segeri, Pangkep, Puang sometimes will not return for several days if the cassava was not sold out and ended up having to stay on the sidewalk.

He has a wife and five children. “Four are married and they are rarely visited us. At home there is one more that is still the high school. “He said to volunteers.

When volunteers came visiting him on Thursday (23/02) and told him that the cassava will be bought, initially Puang did not believe the volunteers. But, finally he was very happy. His face was beaming. “Thank you, Thanks. I wish you a lot of luck. Alhamdulillah Allah is very good because He brings you. “He said touched. Volunteers also felt very touched and happy to help him.

And then the cassava that has been bought distributed to the public free of charge. “I hope that Buy and Share activity can be useful for many people. And more people we can help. “Said Janhar, Volunteer coordinator of RZ Makassar.


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