PADANG. Thursday (25/05) Rumah Zakat West Sumatra’s Volunteers carried out Borong and Berbagi (BnB) activity. This activity is buying all the selling, then distributed free of charge to the community in need.

On this occasion, the target of BnB was Putra Efendi, a student who sells Palai.

“I have been paying attention to the Son, always selling at one of the universities in Padang City, and today I found Putra sleeping by the side of the road, right in front of the palai he was selling, and then I took him to his home and made him the target of BnB, “Said Afrinaldi Oscar.

Putra, that’s his nickname. He lives in Kampung Subarang, Kec.Batang Anai and his School in SDN 19 Kasang. Putra is still sitting in the fourth grade of elementary school. Every day Putra and his 9-year-old brother Farel sell.

“I have started selling since the first grade of elementary school, I used to sell Godok, but now for 9 months, I’ve been selling palai made by my grandmother This Palai we sell Rp.2000 per pack.  My brother and I leave at 06.30 pm and back to our home at 11:00 pm, then get ready to go to school, “said Putra Efendi Palai Ikan seller.

He also added, “I and Farel are sell everyday, because if we stop selling, there will be no one to eat at home, I sell about 80 packs and my brother sells 70 packs a day, and for school we only study at night Day course, “he added.

Rosmanidar also said, “My two grandchildren sell Palai Ikan every day from 120 to 150 packs. If they get sick, I start to panic because no one will go to sell and it means nothing we will eat. we get the benefit judt for Rp40,000 – Rp50,000 every day. The money we get from selling, me, son, farel and 3 of my other grandchildren eat and shop them to school, because their parents rarely send money. When the Putra and Farel do not sell, we eat as we have event small menu and sometimes also from the help of surrounding community, “he said.

A total of 71 packs of Palai which are sold by Putra had bought by Volunteers of Rumah Zakat West Sumatra and distributed to street vendors, parking attendants, and scavengers around the Pasar Raya Padang City.

“Alhamdulillah, today we have implemented BnB program, Putra and Farel are extraordinary children, because since childhood they have been accustomed to sell and become the backbone of his family,” said Dila Yusnia ”

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