KENDAL (26/01), good synergy between parties is needed in order to help government programs to alleviate poverty. Similarly, what has been done by BPJS Ketenagakerjaan with Rumah Zakat Today (26/01) inaugurated Empowered Village in Purworejo village, Ringinarum District, Kendal Regency. This cooperation is in the form of community empowerment through facilitation by Facilitator of Rumah Zakat, both in economy, education and health.

In his speech, Nurendro, the central BPJS representative said that the program is expected that rural areas will have more competitiveness both economically and educationally. The synergy of the Empowered Village program between BPJS and Rumah Zakat is planned to exist in four areas, one of which is Purworejo village, Ringinarum District, Kendal Regency.

“We are very grateful to BPJS Ketenagakerjaan and Rumah Zakat because of the many villages, our village is chosen, so I urge the people to be active in this program,” said Ali Muhtadi, Head of Purworejo Village in his speech.

The launching of empowered village is equipped with tausiah by ustadz Mukhid who reminded that humans should always be grateful. The event was closed with a tumpeng cutting as a symbolic inauguration by BPJS representative submitted to Rumah Zakat Facilitator as the program implementor.

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