BANDUNG. Tati Rohaeti is a resident of Sekeawi Village RT.04 RW.03 Sukamenak Village Margahayu Subdistrict. It’s been a long time since Tati is heavily in debt and is no longer able to pay his income because her income as laundry worker is very little and less while his husband Agus Budiman work as scavenger with uncertain income.

For the cost of living she was to borrow money to and fro for the cost of living with her husband and three children. Ibu Tati is hoping that her debt can be settled before
Eid al-Fitr, because the collector is angry and asked to be settled immediately.

“Previously I often borrowed to loan sharks for years, Then my land lady help me to pay off the debt by lending it without interest, now the land lady need money for home coming. I am confused about what to do, if I do not pay, I must move “said bu tati tell stories.

Tuesday (12/06) Rumah Zakat came to the residence of bu Tati to providing debt relief assistance, then Fenti Yoseva Amil of Rumah Zakat ushered bu Tati to pay off the debt to the land lady.

“Thank God, thank you for helping me pay this debt I am very grateful. Thank you donators and amil Rumah Zakat, hopefully given the health, the ease of sustenance and blessings, may Rumah Zakat be more successful in helping people in need. ” said bu Tati while hungging Fenti in teary-eyed.

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