LEMBANG. Rumah Zakat channel again the donator’s contribution in the Gift Package program to one of the underprivileged families in Langensari Empowered Village built by Rumah Zakat (22/12). Tita Rositawati who lives in a simple house with husband and son in Kp. Maribaya Rt 04 rw 05 Desa Langensari, Lembang Kab. West Bandung is the beneficiary in this program.

Because Tita’s husband cannot work since her husband had an accident and currently experiencing mental disability, Tita should take the role of the husband as the bread winner of the family by selling vegetables mobile, of course sometimes from the sales of vegetables cannot meet all these family needs.

When Rumah Zakat Team came to Tita’s house to provide the assistance and invites her to market to meet her daily needs, she was very happy. So touched that Tita received this help, she was grateful for the help given to her.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat who has shared the happiness to our family, this help is very helpful to our family, I hope Rumah Zakat more successful again, and hope the donors are always given health, safety and happiness by Allah SWT,” said Mrs. Tita full of emotion and happy.

Newsroom/ Lailatul Istikhomah


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