BATAM. Rumah Zakat distributes 200 packages of Ifthar Meal Package to Al-Mu’minin Mosque, Kampung Tua Tanjung Uma Batam City. The Ifthar event was held on Tuesday (29/05) with participants of Masjid Al Mu’minin and Rumah Zakat Fostered children.

Ifthar (BBP) is a regular program of Rumah Zakat which is held every Ramadan. In this year, BBP Rumah Zakat Batam event was held by the Facilitator of Rumah Zakat in Empowered Village, which is in Kampung Tua Tanjung Uma, Batam.

“We would like to thank Rumah Zakat for its Fasting Sharing program, Alhamdulillah Rumah Zakat has provide us useful programs in Tanjung Uma”, said Rohaizat, RW 09 Head of Tanjung Uma.

The series of BBP events this afternoon was closed with Tausiyah by Ustadz Erwin Abu Ghaza who is the Chairman of the Alliance of Common Islamic Ummah of Batam. In his lecture, he brought the story of the last man who entered paradise.

“Alhamdulillah, this is my first BBP agenda, because i just became Facilitator Rumah Zakat, hopefully in the future can be better as the experience increases”. said Didik Supriyanto, Executing Committee who is the Facilitator of Empowered Village Rumah Zakat Batam.

Dani Suhardi / Lailatul Istikhomah

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