SIGI. Bukalapak and Rumah Zakat to build emergency school at Sintuvu Singgani Dusun V in Baluase Village, South Dolo Subdistrict, Sigi Regency, Tuesday afternoon (13/11).

The first stone ceremony were attended by Al Razi Izzatul Yazid representative of Rumah Zakat, Ibu Mega as Regional Engagement Manager of Community 3 Bukalapak, Baluase Village Chief Mr. Ridwan, Chairman of Sintuvu Singgani Foundation Mr. Asman Dagu, Sintuvu Singgani School Principal Drs H. Arfan Uslin and community leaders and teachers and students of Sintuvu Singgani.

Al Razi Izzatul Yazid In his remarks delivered that Rumah Zakat was committed in order to raise the spirit of children’s education in Palu, Donggala and Sigi.

“We are here not only for the next two months, but will continue for the next two to three years in the form of empowerment programs in four clusters including health, economy, education and the environment. One of them is by presenting an emergency school in Baluase Village this together with Bukalapak “said Yazid.

Yazid added that to date, around 17 emergency classes in 5 schools in Palu City and Sigi District are being built. The hope is that with this emergency school the teaching and learning process of children can run normally, comfortably and safely.

“We are very concerned about the continuity of children’s education in Sigi and also cooperating with Rumah Zakat because Rumah Zakat has a long-term sustainable program that can be synergized with friends of the Bukalapak community in Central Sulawesi.” said Regional Manager of Community Engagement 3, Ms. Mega.

Representing the Baluase community, the Baluase Village Head Mr. Ridwan expressed his gratitude for the construction of the emergency school. “Thank you, Bukalapak and Rumah Zakat, who are not tired of being bored, coming to our village from the beginning of the emergency response period with free logistical, health assistance and now coming to build an emergency school.” he said


According to Asman Dagu, the Chairman of the Sintuvu Singgani Foundation currently entering its seventh week, students and teachers carry out teaching and learning activities in makeshift tents and simple huts.

“The emergency school from Bukalapak and Rumah Zakat is our dream, Thank you,” he said moved.

At the end of the activities of Rumah Zakat Volunteers and Bukalapak conducted psychosocial activities and provided school supplies for MI Sintuvu Singgani students.



Lailatul Istikhomah

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