The use of salt in various foods is unavoidable, salt in the bread, pizza, soup, and packaging food to restaurant food.

Salt is indeed needed to add flavor. However recently the experts suggested public be careful of salt contain in the foods

What we have to worry is not the salty taste but the sodium level. The report of US National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine links the limit for sodium with a reduced risk of chronic disease. The report is expected to be a guide for the policy maker and become a guidance to reduce the use of salt.

“By reducing salt that means reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, at least the limit for adult is 2.300 mg/day,” The report stated as quoted by AP, Wednesday (6/3).

Previously, the limit recommendation is based on the threshold used by the expert to show various potential adverse effects. Now, the report said that the upper intake level will show the threshold for  potential toxicity.

It was diet recommendation from National Academy for new category of reduced risk of chronic disease. According to the report, other nutrients might be evaluated equally.

If not, most of the reports strengthen the available recommendation with some adjustment. For instance no more enough proofs relate to 51 years old or older that need lesser salt than other adults.

Advice on calcium that found in the food include banana and potato also adjusted to generally reduce the amount deemed adequate for people.




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