The millennial generation is known as a very active generation and has a myriad of activities. In the midst of dense millennial activities, it is required to have excellent body condition in order to be able to complete their work.

However, the fact is that with such many activities they are often ignorant of the health conditions of their bodies. Technological developments that make things easy are a driving force for millennials and increasingly have an unhealthy lifestyle.

An unhealthy pattern of life can bring on a variety of disorders and mental health disorders. Therefore, millennial groups must change bad habits impact health.

A millennialist, actor Dion Wiyoko, shares some easy tips that can be applied by millennials to maintain health.

Increase the consumption of plain water

He suggests drinking eight glasses of water per day. Inadequate fluid intake in the body has a myriad of benefits, including maintaining a good working organ system, avoiding dehydration, removing toxins and many other benefits.

In addition, the habit he does to keep the body hydrated is to get used to drinking before thirst. “We have to drink as much water as possible because 30 percent of our body’s content is water,” he said.

Healthy eating patterns

With a variety of activities undertaken, millennials do not have much time. As a result, they eat any food, regardless of the food content.

According to Dion, it is very important for the millennial generation to pay attention to the content and composition of the food. The way one must do is to maintain the consumption of vegetables and protein to remain balanced.

A good sleep patterns

Maintaining good sleep patterns is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy body. During sleep, the body works to reactivate its metabolic system.

It is recommended to avoid sleeping late. Get enough sleep for at least six hours per day.

Routine exercise

Exercise can make you have a healthy and happy body. By exercising you will also avoid heart disease and stroke.


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