CARE FOR TEEN, ANAK BINAAN CITA SEHAT FOUNDATION - RZ MAKASSAR KUNJUNGI BADAN NARKOTIKA NASIONALMAKASSAR. Fostered children of Care For Teen Cita sehat Foundation (CSF) and RZ Makassar in synergy with RZ Volunteers visiting National Narcotics Agency (BNN) on Jl. Batara Bira VI no. 35, Baddoka Makassar on Tuesday (04/05). Before entering the region Baddoka BNN Rehabilitation Center, every visitor even facilitators and staff must pass through self-examination and luggage as the initial procedure.

BNN is a national rehabilitation agency tasked to provide guidance to community that addict to narcotics where there are three rehabilitation centers under BNN supervisory namely in Bogor, Semarang and Makassar. In Indonesia, described by BNN staff, Andi Paisah, S.Si, Apt, M.Kes that from year to year more and more users Narcotics user which in 2008 counted 2.8 million people and by 2016 increased to 4.2 million people,

“There are many areas in Makassar who have earned a red mark. Even in one of the biggest areas in South Sulawesi, said that the area has become the largest factory on the island of Sulawesi. The ease of sea lanes makes the process of distributing narcotics become more accessible.” He added.

The use of narcotics in excess can degrade the sensitivity and causes pain and loss of consciousness in the act. Users come from various groups such as workers, students, school children, and even professors.
There is also ‘ngelem’ that is loved by young people today, this type including hallucinogens and the effect is more dangerous than methamphetamine because the aroma inhaled is directly go to the brain, while methamphetamine itself must lead the lungs first.

However, the doses or the use of methamphetamine consumed will vary from day to day, from 1 gram to 1.5 grams or from one day per week to 3-5 times a week.

After receiving exposure to such material, CFT children and Volunteers were divided into 3 groups, each of which was accompanied by a facilitator then invited to tour while learning about the stages of the resident (patient rehabilitation) who will undergo a rehabilitation process.

There are several stages of rehabilitation to which they apply, namely detoxification stage (medical stage) in which the residents were isolated to the termination of a substance (sakau) with a period of 4 months or more depending on the condition of the resident. Then the stabilization phase (after care / non-medical) where the residents are grouped based on the level of emotions and given the option to attend provided training.

First, the prospective resident going through a phase of Intact Process, which at this stage resident will register by filling out a form and after that it will do a survey of health such as heart, kidney, and lungs. If the patient is known to be in the phase of mild or moderate, they will only do outpatient treatment with a maximum of 8 times treatment or tailored to the needs of residents, especially if the resident living at distant places.

Interestingly, while there, they were given a lot of science and health facilities as well as skills, such as Handicrafts which they sell. In addition, it has been applied and also routinely performs Dhuha prayer and One Day One Juz for Muslim (Muslim facilitator and Muslim resident).

One resident, who had interacted with the volunteers, was deeply grateful to be destined to be in place. During the seven months of rehabilitation, he claimed to have to reinvent himself.

“Don’t use drugs. It is not good. It could ruin your future,” His advice with painful tone

“We get another message that it is never cured for drug addicts, but recovered. They were only able to recover 20%, but the rest can be obtained from the consciousness within themselves. But we ca not deny that Allah SWT is a holder of all destiny and the one who can heal. Hopefully CFT chidren can be ambassadors of kindness to friends and surroundings because they stay in one of the red area of drug users in Makassar. The same expectation is also for friends Volunteer RZ Makassar. ” Said Khumaidi as PIC Care For Teen of CSF Makassar.

Andi Paisah advised the CFT children and Volunteers RZ not to be carried away with the wrong environment. Do not even try, because trying means you will be addict to it. At first try then misuse and then become a drug dealer. Let alone because of friends, Stay away from bad friends, befriend with good friend. And then we must have ideals.

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