MALANG. Thursday (14/09), Care For Teen Activity is present again at Auditorium SMP Muhammadiyah 6 Malang. This time students learn to care about their environment.

This Care For Teen material is about waste management. Waste is one of the main problems in Indonesia. People’s habits of littering raise many environmental problems. That is why good and proper waste management needs to be addressed and installed to the students.

Major cities in Indonesia are still very unclean and very synonymous with dirty compared to the neighboring Singapore which is the cleanest city in Asia. But not necessarily pessimistic, because the learning of waste management with 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) given to the students is expected to open the insight for students to care about waste and cleanliness.

“From the learning about waste management, students can know how important the cleanliness of the school environment, if the dirty environment also affects the bad impact on the citizens of the school, even the disease will also be easy to make friends with dirty places. Hopefully, with today’s learning the students have been awakened to dispose of garbage in the place that has provided the school, “said Deny Prabasworo one of the teachers.

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