CARE FOR TEEN MALANG KUNJUNGI PANTI ASUHAN AR-ROHMANMALANG. Care for Teen Malang team consisting of Rumah Zakat volunteers on Sunday (04/09), a visit to the orphanage Ar-Rohman located on Jl. Palm No. 74 Sukun District, Malang. The orphanage inhabited by 21 boys from elementary to high school is managed by Aan.

This activity started at 9:00 to 12:00 pm with a variety of series of events, including the reading of verses from Quran by the representatives of orphans, and then the continued to caregivers welcome, delivery of content about health, ice breaking and the creation of bread.

“I am delighted for the umpteenth time Rumah Zakat still wants to stay in touch to this home. I also want to thank for the existence of this kind of activity, it is expected children can practice the science that will be presented at this event, ” Aan said in his speech.

Health materials were conveyed in this activity is about “Dental and Oral Health”. The material that is brought by young dentist from the Medical Faculty, Isna Afifaya is about dental caries or cavities. Isna explained in detail how teeth can be perforated and the reasons why teeth can be perforated. Moreover, children are also taught how to brush their teeth properly so that their teeth look white, clean and strong.

“If you brush your teeth try to select the type of toothbrush soft so as not to hurt the gums, try to brush it vertically in the direction of the gums to the teeth so that the leftovers are left in the teeth can be lifted,” Isna said.

In addition to getting the materials, children get the chance to hone their creativity through the creation of bread. They were divided into five small groups, each group contain of 4 to 5 people. Each group was given the materials to create such as 3 types of bread (original, chocolate and pandan), Chocó chips, strawberry jam, butter cream, butter, messes and sweetened condensed milk chocolate. Each group is required to make 4 to 5 types of creations with different shapes.

“I make bread creations with the shape of the building that I wished to visit when i grow up, namely the Grand Mosque in Mecca” Mardhotillah said, the child of Ar-Rohman orphanage

The event ended with awarding prizes to all the winners. Besides that the orphanage children also get a gift in the form of one package of stationery, 1 package of hygiene kits (toothbrush, toothpaste and soap) and Supplementary Food.

“Alhamdulillah, I am happy to be able to share the joy with the students at Ar Rahman Orphanage through Care for Teen activity. It is exciting, hopefully what donator give through Rumah Zakat for the children can provide many benefits and blessings. I hope care for teen can provid benefits to other teenagers in Malang. Because adolescence is so precious, “said Dwi Yuliani, Public Health of Cita Sehat Malang.

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