MALANG. Care For Teen (CFT) Program built Rumah Zakat and Cita Sehat, on Thursday (11/01/2018). Students in SMP 6 Muhammadiah, Malang City get a turn to follow Care For Teen program that is activity to foster behavior and psychology of adolescent

CFT this time was attended by 7 students and 17 students of SMP 6 Muhammadiyah Malang. Achmad Anshori, as a resource person started the activity with ice breaking massage massaging movement. Students are required to massage the back of a friend in front of him with instructions.

Then the material presented by Achmad with the theme “When Love Greet”. Students of SMP 6 Muhammadiyah Malang are very enthusiastic to listen. “Teenagers are now never separated from the problem of love, love when unlawful dating can bring hatred at the end, so there are still going to go out,” said Achmad.

Achmad then continued his words, “There is love that is blessed by Allah, there is also a forbidden love, a deviating love, a deviant love of one of his cases is love with same-sex (LGBT), from which Allah curse people who loves same-sex. ”

There are so many things that are presented by Achmad to seulurh students who attended. What is presented by Achmad today is a reminder for all students to keep the surrounding social.

“It is remarkable that today’s material, from the figure of youth who migrated from 2013 and istiqomah in da’wah until now.The material is delivered in accordance with the actual experiences about the dangers of LGBT. The participants are very enthusiastic to follow the learning of CFT, because the experience conveyed related to the knick-knacks -the teenager’s life-style today. Such thanks to the presenters who have given the subject of LOVE,” said Deny Prabasworo, facilitator of CFT Malang.


Newsroom / Yadi Mulyadi


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