care-for-teen-rz-disambut-antusias-smp-favorit-iniPONTIANAK. On Saturday (10/29) Cita Healthy with RZ Pontianak staged in the health education activities of Care For Teen in SMP Negeri 1 Pontianak located on Jl. General Urip Sumoharjo, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. SMPN 1 is one of pavorite junior high schools in this equatorial city.

In this activity, 230 students attend health education with the theme “Reproduction Health (RH)” in teenagers. The material this time delivered by Sutri Kurnela. RH material is important to be convey to teenagers because, according to WHO, teenagers is an age most susceptible to infection with HIV / AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

“The welcome from students is remarkable. I was tense to deliver material to 230 students but Alhamdulillah activities went smoothly. Hopefully, this material can be well received and beneficial for them. “, Said Mrs. Sutri at the end of the activity.

Our arrival was greeted warmly by Mrs.Yuyun Yuniarti as the principal of SMPN 1 Pontianak. Remarkable Students’ Animo made Cita Sehat and RZ to share more knowledge.

“Thanks to Cita Sehat and RZ which has held events like this, this activity is positive for our students, and hopefully in the future this activity can be conducted as a routine activity.”, Said the mother Yuyun.


Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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