care-for-teen-surabaya-ajak-anak-anak-jaga-kesehatan-gigiSURABAYA. On Saturday (09/17) routine training activitY Care for Teen Surabaya held together with cadre UKS (Schol Health Unit) MTsN 1 Surabaya themed dental health presented by kak Zulfia Husnia.

Coaching is attended by 17 students enthusiastically housed in mosques of MTsN 1 Surabaya. The Coaching was opened with game to know how to work I a team, the game was guided by kak Ilham Akbar. The students are invited to be sensitive to everyone on the team to memorize each criterion team members both of the body until it what were being worn by each team member.

Coaching then continued with the formation of FGD (Focus Group Discussion) about the function UKS (School Health Unit). In FGD the students were invited to know more deeply about UKS and its function. FGD guided by kak Intan who is an intern in RBG of RZ Surabaya and the friend of kak Wulan. FGD activity aims to provoke critical power and understanding of students about before the core material about dental health.

“Teeth are important for humans. Human teeth have three functions to smooth the food, for aesthetic of good looks and beauty, as well as to phonetic (helps in pronunciation when speaking). Thus it is considered important to maintain the health of our teeth. ” Said Zulfia Husnia.

“Let’s together keep the dental health by brushing teeth regularly, and check teeth regularly to the dentist.” She said in the opening material about dental health. Kak Zulfia explained in detail about the dental health, type of gear, cause cavities, and how to prevent it as well.
At the end of the meeting the students were divided into teams educator who later this week will provide materials on dental health to all students in 7th and 8th grade of MTsN 1 Surabaya learn more about dental health and how to deliver the material according to their version

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