care-for-teens-rz-surabaya-ajak-remaja-jaga-kesehatan-gigiSURABAYA. UKS cadres of MTsN 1 Surabaya conducted UKS educational programs with counsel to peers and teachers about dental health in the event of Care for Teen of RZ Surabaya. UKS cadres that consist of students were divided into 2 groups for counsel to peer and teacher, with the first group consisting of Zevilsa, Sita, and Naswa targeting 8th grade that consist of 8 classes, while the second group consisted of Meidina Estuning, Mutiara, and Ayu targeting 7th that consist of 7 classes.

Counseling was accompanied by kak Zulfia Husnia accompanied wich is as mentor of Care For Teens RZ Surabaya. The counseling provided include dental structures, parts of the teeth, causing cavities, dental health tips, and how to brush their teeth.

The activities lasted from 09:00-11:00 pm was done door to door from one class to another. The activity was greeted with enthusiasm by the students and teachers who teach in the classroom. It was evidenced by the number of question about dental health to UKS cadres who were providing information.

UKS education is the widespread health information to all targets such as students, teachers, and employees so that the whole school knew, willing, and able to live a healthy culture, especially in this month is cultured maintaining healthy teeth together.

“Lovely smile cannot be separated from healthy teeth. So it’s important and we were obliged to understand how to maintain dental health. Indonesia Let’s achieve a beautiful smile with dental health. ” said Kak Zulfia invites all UKS cadres of MTsN 1 Surabaya incorporated in Care For Teens of RZ Surabaya.


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