Because I’m sure, in every refugee camp there must be a meaningful story. That afternoon, when the sun was stinging hotly, I walked around step by step around the refuge area, trying to take a closer look at a variety of circumstances, some of which are contemplating his fate because of the earthquake that hit Lombok, precisely at Pemenang Barat Hamlet where Rumah Zakat built shelter for refugees, Friday (07/31).

My gaze was fixed on the corner of a tent, pointing at the figure of a girl who was busy doing her work. She is Ida (20), when I approached her perfunctory tent, she was baking opak.

Seeing that I’m amazed,  in the heat of the middle of the day, she did not remain silent in the tent. Instead, she baked opak over a burning stove. I tried to say hello and slowly walked to face her, asking news, getting acquainted until we exchanged stories.

Apparently, the opak girl was helping her grandmother. Nek Aji she called her. From the story, the grandmother is very old, her eyes also began to blur. But Ida is very dear and proud of her grandmother. She has a good grandmother, from the results of selling opak, Nek Aji is able to help her two grandchildren.

Seeing the sincerity and mercy when Ida baked opak, I became curious and wanted to try. I asked her permission to help. Slowly the dried opak, I put it on coals. Ah, it wasn’t as easy as when I saw it. The hands feel stiff, the heat is stinging the fingers, the results are clear, many are charred.

That is Ida, a figure I accidentally met among thousands of people who fled in Lombok. In fact, she did not complain about fate. In very apprehensive conditions, she continued to live her day, she still had enthusiasm in his soul.

By Akrima Sabila, Volunteer of Rumah Zakat

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