CERDASKKAN ANAK-ANAK, RELAWAN INSPIRASI RZ GELAR LES MAPEL DI TPQ JEBLOSANTUNTANG, — Taman Pendidikan Al Quran (TPQ) Mansyaul Athfal Al Musytahar mosque, Jeblosan hamlet, Lopait Village, Tuntang District, Semarang regency cooperate with RZ held tutoring class for common subjects for a hundred and twenty of its students. This activity is intended to streamline TPQ time learning that takes place in the afternoon. The program takes place every Monday to Friday.

Sutono, as caretaker of Mansyaul Athfal Al Musytahar mosque said, ‚Äúthis activity began as the ineffectiveness of learning during TPQ progress. TPQ Mansyaul RA, which means that the place where the children develop, students today have a total of 120 children, but only approximately 80 children who regularly follow TPQ for five days a week, “he said.

“With only 4 clerics, the board simply overwhelmed. But with the high-school age students who are able to read the Qur’an, we can ask them to assist the teacher to teach”, said Sutono in the opening of tutoring program held at Masjid Al Musytahar, Saturday (8/27).

Community Empowerment from RZ in the form of tutoring for general subject for students TPQ is one of the activities from Inspiring Volunteer. Gatot Widodo as RZ inspiring Volunteer for Lopait Village revealed, “Rumah Zakat has a community empowerment program. The program is in the form of scholarships, community development, community synergies, optimizing the potential of villages and infrastructure. ”

” RZ scholarship programs have been running for four month, in this month we continue the program in the form of extra tutoring lessons for students of TPQ Mansyaul Athfal Lopait. The goal is to make TPQ lesson become more effective, help students who have difficulty in learning in general, “added Gatot.

On that occasion, Drs. Wibowo from Kesongo delibered opening speech, He advised that the child is a trust, the parents should be able to educate their children become pious child. “Pious children someday be able to invite their parents to go to heaven,” said Wibowo.

Bowo also said, the religion and science need to be taught to the world, so they can meet happiness in world and the hereafter. “Benediction pious child is one of the acts of worship that reward is still flowing to the parents who have died. This is the importance of educating children to become pious “, said Wibowo motivating the parents.


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