CERIAKAN RAMADHAN, RZ BERBAGI AL QURAN DI MEDANMEDAN. On wednesday (06/08) RZ Medan chanelled Ramadhan 1437 H Program which is Syiar Quran (SQ) . The program is included in four programs such as Iftar package (BBP), Eid Gift for orphans (KLY) and Eid gift for the needy (BLK).

In the first week of Ramadan RZ has distributed Syiar Quran for the second time after a distribution on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 in Srimulyo village, Besitang District, Langkat.
Distribution of Syiar Quran today held in religion activity in Madrasah Al Muttaqin Jl. Bilal Gg. Al Muttaqin medan barat district with 5 package consists of 5 pieces quran and the five Iqra books.

“Alhamdulillah we can distribute the trust of donors who donated their sustenance for Syiar Quran program children in Madrasah Al Muttaqin hopefully study participants can use it without having to take turns.” Said Sugi Prawansyah As coordinator of SQ

Mr. H. M Subti, Representative of Madrasah Al Muttaqin expressed thousand thanks for the Iqra and Quran from RZ. This is very useful for children because there are still a lot of children who do not have the facilities to learn Quran.

Hopefully this Syiar Quran can encourage the spirit to learn Quran and also deepen religious knowledge for children, because early education is the great capital of this nation. So the young generation must begin instilled the values of Islam.

Putri as beneficiaries of this program was happy to get Quran from RZ because all this time she always borrowed from his brother. “Glad to have the beautiful quran, nice color and text is easy to read.” Said Putri who is currently 5 th grade elementary school.


Newsroom/Sugi Prawansyah

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