ceriping-pisang-media-pembelajaran-menarik-sd-juaraSEMARANG. Art subject of 5th grade of SD Juara Semarang on Thursday (11/03) to learn to make “Bananas Chip”. Teachers provided guidance and procedures verbally beforehand.

They made Bananas Chip with the following stages: First, Students peeling a banana (before peeling, students must wash their hands with soap), after that the student sliced bananas thinly. Second, the students wash the bananas that had been cut. Third, students begin to fry bananas. For frying bananas, students were asked to queue per group. While waiting queue to fry, the other students clean the classroom, fourth, after the frying process, in hot conditions banana coated in sugar water to seep and cold, fifth, bananas chip ready to be served.

“Thank God the practice of making banana chips went happilly and cheerful. The purpose of this study introduces students that bananas can be processed into a variety of traditional snacks, one of them is banana chips. It also teaches students the values of cooperation, responsibility and entrepreneurship, “said 5th Grade teacher.

After learning to make “Banana chip”, 5 th grade students of SD Juara Semarang wrote text about their experience to make “Banana chip”. However, previously, the teacher explains the procedure on how to write text.

Alhamdulillah, thus, student can get better understanding of the practice of making Bananas chip. Therefore, teacher can evaluate in terms of practice and writing. In addition, students also learn how to write procedure text on the experience of students.


Newsroom/Arif Rahman

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