SLEMAN. Thursday (17/1) Regular training for members of the JoCraft group, built by the Rumah Zakat at Desa Jogotirto, Berbah, Sleman this time is quite different. Because JoCraft members are visited special guests, owner of Jendra Jewelry Jogja, Ms. Erryza Susilo, who has been in accessories field for 10 years. Mbak Erryza shared her experiences while working in accessories field.

“As long as women are still on the face of the earth, whatever items we make to improve the charisma and beauty of women will sell. From head to toe, as long as we don’t stop creating and innovating,” she said encouraging JoCraft members.

After about 30 minutes, Ms. Erryza provided business mentoring, the mothers began to be taught to improve their ability to make new variant accessories. A higher level uses raw materials for the first time namely accessories made from copper wire.

Difficulties experienced by several members, but diligently and patiently everyone finally managed to complete this beautiful accessory. At the end of business mentoring, Mbak Erryza did not forget to encourage mothers to remain empowered and independent.



Rifai Yusuf / Lailatul Istikhomah

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