The heroic story of volunteers who are often attached to men is not entirely true. Women also get involved in heroic stories of volunteerism in Indonesia. One of them is a woman from Binjai, North Sumatra. Rudang Mayang Sari Manik or often called Ru by her colleagues.


This Postgraduate student at USU immediately fell in love with the world of volunteerism when she went down in her first action at the 2014 Mount Sinabung eruption. Departing as a volunteer from her regional organization and finally meeting with volunteers of Rumah Zakat at the scene. Impressed by the actions of Rumah Zakat volunteers, Ru had determination to join as Rumah Zakat volunteer.


After a year after the Sinabung disaster, Ru passed a rigorous selection and finally officially became a part of Rumah Zakat volunteers. Her first action was at the Sinabung disaster in 2015 which she had previously visited.


“(This action) Makes me meet again with the people I also visited, seeing them smile again and greeting my name makes my heart happy to be there with them.” Ru said.


“Being part of Rumah Zakat is an extraordinary thing that I should share in the story. volunteers are really magic. Volunteers are one word, full of meaning, lots of stories.” concluded Ru excitedly.



Abdullah Thabit

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