In the public kitchen located in Balakhoa Village, Pengau District, Palu , a woman we often call Bunda (Mother), echoes the sentence. “Let’s roll…!! Come on cook, serve the best intake for volunteers,”

Bunda Syifa (50 years), a woman from Kediri, East Java, has served Palu as disaster volunteer in the Rumah Zakat Public Kitchen since October 7, 2018.

For Bunda, being a volunteer is a heart call. A mother of 6 children and grandmother of 4 grandchildren has been in the world of volunteerism since 2007.

The background of the mother who came from a location with a high level of disaster vulnerability from Mount Kelud made her heart moved to be active in various activities such as Scouts, PMI, and NGOs.

Mother realizes that fostering self is important, especially Indonesia is a special area with a variety of disasters that have and may occur.

Masha Allah, how great are you Mother. At your age that is no longer young, you can choose to take a break at home with your children and grandchildren. Enjoy the happiness of old age. But it’s not the way that Mother chose. Being a volunteer is your choice from the past, now, and later.

And when she was asked why she want to be volunteer, she answered loudly. “There is only one reason, I want to fulfill the call of heart, to be the best servant who is useful for the people …” she said.

Insha Allah, your sincere intention to facilitate the affairs of others will make it easier for you to get His best heaven.

By: Hesti Prawati, Volunteer of Rumah Zakat

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