cita-sehat-dan-rz-launching-kebun-gizi-di-icd-sukajadiPEKANBARU. (9/24) Nutrient Gardens now has presented in three areas in Pekanbaru. One of them is on Jl. Melati RT 02 RW 01, Sukajadi subdistrict, Sukajadi district, Pekanbaru.

The Launching of Nutrient gardens called “Amanah Pituah Dituruti ” was held still in commemoration of National Food Day. The laucing was attended by Mr Firmansyah as headman of Sukajadi along with his wife, Mr. drs. H. Azmi As chairman of RW 01, H. Nasrul as chairman of RT 02 RW 01 and 50 residents.

The Activity started at 10:00 am began with remarks by local government officials. Mr Firmansyah as headman of Sukajadi said that all village officials strongly support the implementation of this program because Nutrient Gardens greatly assist government programs to improve the quality of citizens’ health by eating vegetables. Chairman of RW 01, Mr. Azmi also thanked RZ and Cita Sehat Foundation (CSF), which has been rolled Nutrient Gardens in Sukajadi.

“Hopefully with this program the public is increasingly aware of the importance of fruit and vegetable consumption also increasingly keeping their environment in order to create beautiful and green area”, Concluded Mr. Azmi.

The next activity is delivery of the first harvests, such as gambas to local government officials symbolically as a sign of the launching of nutrient Garden. The series of events was closed with a medical examination by a physician of RBG clinic of RZ Pekanbaru.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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