CITA SEHAT FOUNDATION BERSAMA RZ LAUNCHIING BUKU CARE FOR TEEN DI SURABAYASURABAYA (05/03). Cita Sehat Foundation Surabaya Branch in cooperation with RZ launched and reviewed Care For Teen book in Islamic Book Fair (IBF) 2016 talk show. Care for Teen book is the 2nd book after the first book, entitled Sehatkan Indonesia. Care for Teen book contains material about various health material that must be known by teens and materials about organizational management such as leadership.

Launching and book review conducted by the outstanding presenter, with the first speaker is Ms. Afrezah SKM as the author of Care for Teen from CSF Yogyakarta and the second speaker, Dr. Zain Budi Syulthoni as healthcare practitioners and observers of adolescent health in Surabaya.

The event was attended by approximately 80 participants. The event, which lasted from 7:00 p.m. to 21:00 pm, was welcomed enthusiastically by the participants. This can be seen from the large interest of the participants to ask questions about teenage life and health to the presenters.

“Let’s maintain health since young because this period is the period of greatest investment for the future ” Ms. Afreza said in her closing statement.

“Doing positive things, such as look for organizations or communities that can form good character, health is not my responsibility, or you, but it is our responsibility,” Dr. Zain advised.

“Hopefully the event of Launching and review of Care For Teen book that has been implemented can get a positive value to teens of Surabaya and make Care For Teen book as a preparation for the mentor in providing health materials in various health organizations or communities ” said Ilham Akbar as moderator and PIC of Care for Teen RZ Surabaya.

Newsroom/Ilham Akbar

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