cita-sehat-kembali-sapa-lansia-binaan-di-palembangPALEMBANG. Senior manager from Cita Sehat Foundation, Dwi Endah, MPH and her team visited the elderly assisted by RZ Branch Palembang, Friday (11/04). This visit intends to greet and chat with the elderly, initially the team will visit the homes of the elderly one by one, but when they arrived at the location the elderly has been welcomed Cita Sehat Team at head of neighborhood’s house in Seberang Ulu, in Mr. Senen’s (63) residence .

Elderly- Friendly program was created in 2015 ago, and now has been underway for more than 1 year. The coaching for the Elderly has two agenda in every month, and have different theme in every agenda. Usually the first meeting in content with giving tausiyah or spiritual material and the second meeting filled with health material and metabolic check.

Elderly who follow guidance as many as 33 people consisting of three men and 30 women, on the visit last Friday , the elderly were very pleased to meet directly and to receive feedback and encouragement given by the team that came.

“Being old is natural and will happen to everyone. But being healthy, active and productive in old day is a choice. Therefore, it must be fought for, to always maintain physical and mental health of each individual from an early age, ” Dwi Endah message to the elderly who attend.

Cita Sehat as NGOs involved in the field of health contribute to create healthy, active and productive elderly by preparing a system called “elderly-friendly” (senior friendly environment) in all areas and order of life.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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