cita-sehat-lakukan-inovasi-gizi-pmtBANDUNG. Posyandu Standby RW 03 is back in Gumuruh Village, Batununggal subdistrict, Bandung (10/09).

This is a routine activity held by Cita Sehat with RZ in order to concern about the health and nutrition of toddler. The number of participants this time reached 140 toddlers. Midwife Rota Siska was in charge to visit the toddler in RW 03 Kel. Gumuruh.

Posyandu activities carried out as usual. Registration, health checks, KMS cards registration, health education and supplementary feeding. However, this time is no different. Based on the results of cadre training this month, which is about supplementary food innovation corresponding to indicator of Nutrition expert Ministry of Health, if usually PMT such as biscuits, milk or other snacks, this time the Cita Sehat team with the cadres made carrot soup to be given to toddler.

“With this innovation, we hope to further meet the nutritional needs of children under five in Gumuruh district. And material on nutritional counseling to mothers may also be accepted and applied. “, Said midwife Siska.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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