cita-sehat-layani-123-warga-dalam-siaga-sehatBANDUNG. Cita Sehat Foundation (CSF) Commitment as a Non Government Organization in the field of health to accommodate quality health access increasingly emboldened. One of the program is Healthy standby that is frequently held and cooperate with various institutions.

And then on Saturday, (12/30) in Bandung, RZ through Cita sehat foundation in cooperation with a boarding school in Bandung Namely Pesantren Al Ikhwan located at Kp. Rendekidul RT 04 RW 12, Desa Rende Cikalongwetan subdistrict, West Bandung regency held Healthy standby action.

This activity aim to minimize morbidity of Residents in the area as well as to educate residents about Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBs), the activities started since 08.00 pm was attended by 132 people and some local officials. The services given to residents are counseling and health checks.

“This activity is the first step to build a friendship and cooperation of RZ through CSF with boarding school in Bandung Raya. And in the future hopefully can be Continue to work together and spread the benefits to broader comunity” said Fadhli, Public Health of Cita Sehat Bandung.

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