BATAM. The first day of school, students SD Juara Batam built Rumah Zakat greeted with Cooking Class program makes grilled meatball. This educational program is a series of early school entry activities to train self-reliance with fun. Wednesday (03/01).

All students get the opportunity to learn to make puncture meatballs, greasing with soy sauce then baked together. The results of the processed students are eaten together during lunch hour. Togetherness, mutual cooperation, culture queuing, respect for process, tangible feeling, mutual help, respect for friends, are part of the values adopted from the learning process of Cooking Class.

“Well grilled meatball delicious pack, tomorrow we make again. From yesterday, Arya want to go to school fast, not good long holiday,” said Arya Saputra grade 2 SD Juara Batam.

Cooking Class is a Life Skill SD Juara Batam program, as independence development program student skill enhancer as well as potential incentive of all students built Rumah Zakat. So that talent and potential of all students can be channeled well. When graduating, the students can be independent and have entrepreneurship spirit in the future.

“Early in School, we purposely designed the program Cooking Class to all students, as a warm-up program in learning the students with Fun Learning packaging,” said Shofar Fitrotul Al Amin S. Pd.I as the Head of SD Juara Batam.


Newsroom / Yadi Mulyadi

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