Counter Zakat RZ di Kepri Mall Batam BATAM. As an effort to ease the payment of ZIS (Zakat, Infaq, and Shadaqa) during the Ramadhan, RZ presents a zakat outlet in Kepri Mall.

“Hopefully that Batam citizen will be easier to payout ZIS by the existence of zakat outlet. We’re also ready to shuttle your charity if needed. Just call for us,” Agus Suprianto, Batam RZ Branch Manager, said on Wednesday (16/7).

In addition to visit zakat outlet, Batam RZ Branch Office in Lotus Garden Blok A no.8 Batam Centre, and utilize shuttle charity service, the donors are also able to pay ZIS out via transfer, credit card recurring, paypal, Mandiri ATM, and Mandiri Internet Banking.

Suprianto said that up to the 16th day of Ramadhan, RZ has successfully distributed 60.285 packages of Berbagi Buka Puasa, 3.495 packages of Kado Lebaran Yatim, 1.232 packages of Bingkisan Lebaran Keluarga, and 1.458 packages of Syiar Qur’an.***

Newsroom/Agus Suprianto


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