PURBALINGGA. Serang Village Karangreja Sub-district Purbalingga Regency is one of the villages as a climbing route of Mount Slamet which has an altitude of 3,428 masl and is the highest mountain in Central Java.

Even though it was at the foot of the mountain, but when the dry season arrived, the village experienced a water crisis. This condition has not been resolved until now. While the people affected by drought were around 1,000 people from 400 families.

To overcome this drought, Rumah Zakat collaborates with Kita distributing clean water to Serang Village. The distribution of clean water is carried out in several periods.

“Water is given to residents gradually for 4 times, each of which distributes 20,000 L of water we distribute to residents” said Rumah Zakat Facilitator, Dwi Gandik Biworo.

The first period of water distribution was carried out on 30 August located around the Slamet mountain climbing post. In the midst of the fog of the afternoon the atmosphere which is usually not too crowded because there are no mountaineers, suddenly boisterous. Many residents gathered by carrying jerry cans to queue for free water.

For those who are prosperous drought is not too heavy a burden for them, they can afford to get water by buying. However, for those underprivileged, they have to take about 2 km to the nearest spring, especially for those who do not have a vehicle, they have to walk.

“Hopefully this assistance can help and give a little smile to the people around the climbing of Mount Slamet which is always filled with fog in the afternoon,” Dwi added.

Dani Suhardi / Lailatul Istikhomah

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