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“For people who do not believe in the afterlife has a bad character; and Allah have the nature of the Most High and He is the Mighty, the Wise (Surat an-Nahl: 60). This verse was revealed in the middle of the arrogant and likes to think short.

They are only able to look at life today as everything. While his brain is blunt cannot think the reason what should have been prepared for the next day.

Today they are a haven for the surge of lust. Struggling with power without signs, whoever is stronger is hunted and the weak suppressed.

The stud male is left to breathe. Baby girl is suffering, buried alive in the middle of the hole without power. That’s the story of the greedy the area before word of the Lord sounded.

Jahiliyah and its tribe are recorded by Allah because of their bad habits in doing crimes against humanity and accused Allah had a daughter. Crime against humanity committed by Jahilliyah by killing baby girls without compassion.

While they accuse the Allah has daughters did as a form of misleading scorn. They really put God to the very bottom like ants trampled by feet.

For Jahiliyah, God is weak, helpless as weak as women so don’t call the name of God and woman on this earth. Lord and women must be expelled out of the earth and then buried or buried into the deepest earth.

In Jahiliyah view, only men are allowed to power on earth. Men run riot and mastered everything. The entire ownership position and are designed to be on his side.

The leaders are men, treasure and the money belongs to the man, Heir belongs to men, marriage belongs to men, the garden belongs to the man, the house belongs to the man and so forth.

At its peak there was a conflict among them to fight over the monopoly that causes the destruction of social. Thus is the tragic picture of a people who do not believe on the hereafter, the existence of life after death in which the man is responsible for the good and bad deeds.

Who is good in there that is going to make heaven and bad won the torments in hell. That day is the hereafter when people gather at the unseen. In this modern age, jahili behavior who denies belief in the occult (degaibisasi) almost mushroomed across the line of life.

This type of modern man seeks to erode things considered abstract to pick up more concrete life which he enjoyed and pleasured.

Degaibisasi behavior is clearly very dangerous because it denies the values of divinity on earth. As a result of the earth civilization became extinct because it is filled the inhabitants of the earth who do greed and persecution.

Fasting is the right moment to deal with the degaibisasi behavior that is very dangerous. This is because in fasting contained privacy that can foster theological consciousness.

Fasting Performers challenged to live in secret and could not be detected any other person, unless the Fasting Performers itself is responsible for the honest whether they are fating or not.

In this condition the perpetrators of fasting began to feel the presence of God (theological consciousness) which oversees all his doings everywhere.

Therefore, he will feel the fear that they may not be against God’s command that caused him to fall into degaibisasi behavior, that behavior does not believe in a God / afterlife according to the Quran is seen as the worst behavior. Allaah knows best.



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