DENGAN WAKAF, RZ HADIRKAN FASILITAS KESEHATAN UNTUK WARGA SEMARANGSEMARANG. Since the inauguration two years ago, precisely in 2015, productive waqf that has been rolled by Rumah Wakaf Indonesia (RWI) jointly with RZ now the beneficiaries increased. As one of the productive waqf that are used for public health facilities is public health building, Primary Maternity Hospital (RBG) located on Jl. Sompok No. 70, Semarang.

RBG Semarang clinic has been providing free services to the needy people who require integrated maternity care facilities or health checks. This is evident from the number of beneficiaries of RBG Semarang in 2016, which reached 77 408 inhabitants.

Programs offered by RBG Semarang include free maternity services (family planning and maternal), public clinics, healthy standby, the standby posyandu and free ambulance. Until now RBG Semarang Primary Clinic has been equipped with 4 units of free ambulance and public health services.

RBG program can be used for free by beneficiaries registered as a member of Free Health Services RZ. Maternity Home Free program implemented aimed at improving the quality of maternal and child health as well as to ease the burden of poor communities. In addition, with this program can hope to attract people to the importance of maintaining the health of poor pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, including family planning.

Donations waqf has muwaqif provide via Rumah Wakaf be more productively channeled in the form of construction of health facilities to the citizens of Semarang.

“We are very grateful to the donators, Rumah Wakaf, and RZ and that has a lot to contribute in the process of health care clinic of RBG Semarang. May more disadvantaged communities can access quality health services without cost prohibitive, “said Ngapiyah (45) one of the beneficiaries of services.

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