KEBUMEN. Teenager health plays an important role in national development because adolescents are the next generation of the nation who will be the leaders and movers of the nation in the future. However, if we look at adolescent health conditions at this time, there needs to be more efforts to improve adolescent health conditions.

According to Riskesdas (Basic Health Research) in 2013, as many as 23% of adolescents aged 13-18 years suffer from iron deficiency anemia (ADB). Knowledge of adolescents about anemia is also quite low where 73% of male have a less correct understanding of anemia while 63% of female have less knowledge about anemia. On the other hand, the problem of smoking, consumption of alcohol and narcotics is also still a problem in adolescence.


This is what motivated Syarifudin, Rumah Zakat’s Facilitator to initiate a health program for adolescents in Blater Village, Poncowarno District, Kebumen, Central Java.


“Teenagers with all their problems will later become the next generation of the nation. We must work in such a way that young people have the ability to face the future. I as a graduate from the health department was moved to manage adolescents in terms of their health. Therefore we initiated the Posyandu program for teenagers in our village, Blater “said Syarifudin.


The launching of youth posyandu was held on Sunday (24/2) at Blater Village Hall. The event began with a speech from the Heads of Blater Village and Village Midwives. Suryo Widodo, Blater Village Chief welcomed the youth posyandu, expected to detect early teenager health problems in Blater village. In line with The Village Head, Asiyah, the Village midwife also appreciated the launching of the youth posyandu in Blater.


This Youth Posyandu is the first in Poncowarno Subdistrict, perhaps even the first in Kebumen District. Asiyah is also committed to participating in the running of the youth posyandu in the future.

The opening agenda was then followed by measuring height, weight, blood pressure and checking hemoglobin levels. In the initial measurement and checking, the posyandu cadre support was still used, because there were no youth posyandu cadres yet.


“Insya Allah, in the future a youth posyandu cadre will be formed and will be the driving force for the running of the youth posyandu. In checking blood hemoglobin, from 29 adolescents who were present and checked, there were 5 adolescents in the anemia category. In the future it will be followed up with the provision of additional blood tablets and other adolescent health education, “concluded Syarifudin



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