Rumah Zakat is present in Batam City since 2005. Various programs of empowerment in the field of health, education, and economy have been implemented in the city of Riau Islands Province. Greetings from the local community and government will be the presence of Rumah Zakat felt very good and always supportive.

One of the areas that become the target of empowerment of Rumah Zakat Batam branch is Mangsang subdistrict Sei Beduk district. Since 2008, Rumah Zakat through the Empowered Village Facilitator has implemented various programs in education, economy, health and environment. Mangsang choose as a region of empowerment because the majority of its citizens come from lower middle class economy. The majority of residents work as farmers, fishermen, and laborers.

“In the process of empowerment, the first thing we have to do is change the mindset of the beneficiaries. They must be confident that this process will work if it is done in earnest. Even if it fails at the beginning, consider as learning, “said Facilitator Berdaya Village Mangsang, Rusmin.

Building Community Care Environment

as many as 5 housewives work together to weigh and record the garbage deposit in front of Al Amin Trash Bank located in Mangsang Village. For 7 months they have been active in the recycling process. Within a month they can produce up to 200 kg. “Alhamdulillah, the results are not bad and the environment will be cleaner,” said the Chairman of Al Amin Trash Bank, Sri Maryani.

The same is revealed by Yayuk, Chairman of Barokah Trash Bank. In addition to recycling garbage collection, the women who become junk bank officials are also actively doing waste processing activities into handicrafts. “We have several times participated in the exhibition which is also supported by Rumah Zakat,” he said.

Al Amin and Barokah are two of seven garbage banks that are fostered by Rumah Zakat Batam branch. This program is welcomed by the community, especially housewives who actively participate in activities that not only benefit the environment, but also the economy.

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