1205 DESA BERDAYA PAMOYANAN JADI SALAH SATU PENILAIAN KOTA LAYAK ANAK DI BOGORBOGOR. Thursday (11/05) Pamoyanan’s Garbage Library in Empowered Village was visited by the Assessment of Kota Layak Anak, accompanied by the Head of Community Empowerment Department for the Protection of Women and Children (DPMPPA) and Secretary of South Bogor Sub-district and Pamoyanan Urban Village, they reached the Garbage Library at 18.30 WIB.

Kota Layak Anak’s Assessment Team from the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection visited the Garbage Library on Thursday night to directly review the facilities and activities in the Garbage Library’s Pamoyanan Empowered Village.

“The team visited the Garbage Library’s Pamoyanan empowered village for only 30 minutes and asked about our activities involving children, ranging from the increasing interest in reading, making craft skills from plastic waste to care for the environment, which is related to the interests of children,” said Elan Jaelani, Village Empowerment Facilitator Rumah Zakat from Bogor City ”

Bogor City Government is committed to realize Kota Layak Anak by trying to meet the instruments including activities managed by the community

“Community activities like Elan Jaelani do with the Garbage Library accounted value for 25%,” Said Dr.Hamid Patilima, one of the Assessment’s Kota Layak Anak.

He added that Kelurahan and Kecamatan should support such activities by socializing and duplicating in other areas, added Dr.Hamid

“To become Kota Layak Anak, Bogor City Government must be able to fulfill the basic rights of children, and protect them from various acts of violence, discrimination and exploitation,” said Head of Community Protection of Women and Children Protection (DPMPPA) Bogor, Artiyana Yanas Angraini .

According to Atriyana, Bogor City does not just want to just get the award or predicate as Kota Layak Anak. However, it is fully committed to providing a sense of security and comfort to the child.

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