KENDAL. Tuesday (09/05), Rumah Zakat Program in Patebon Empowered Village, Kendal is empowerment in the field of livestock, one of them by assisting Adil Sejahtera livestock group, goat fattening program is the main program.

“I hope this area can be a goat fattening center,” said Arif, one of the members of the Adil Sejahtera livestock group in Patebon Village, Kendal. The number of needs Goat meat is one of the reasons for this program to be rolled out. Currently there are 20 farmers who empowered by Rumah Zakat.

Five of them have received direct assistance in the form of goat seeds for fattening. Each rancher gets six goats. According to Arif the goat belonging to his group was already able to harvest in the fourth month after maintenance or when reaching the age of one year.

“Here we sell one year old goat, because young goat is much sought after in the market. Even now the demand is increasing” said the father of three children.

Currently young goats are the target of many food stalls around the village because the meat is tender, low cholesterol content, and not smell when processed. The high demand of these markets, especially when ahead of Idul Adha, makes the Adil Sejahtera livestock group increasingly raising the livestock to be healthier and fatter. Each livestock is given intake of vitamins as well as feed with a balanced nutritional content for fattening.

Siti Munawaroh as a Empowered Village Facilitator claimed to have no significant constraints. According to him the only challenge in this coaching is that almost all group members are workers. They keep cattle on the sidelines of their leisure time after going to work.

“The majority of villagers here work as laborers, so inevitably we have to adjust to their working hours. Usually for the daily feeding assisted by his wife, when coaching on livestock raising, they both have to come so they know how to care for cattle properly, “said Muna, Siti Munawaroh familiarly called.

Various knowledge are given at the time of coaching conducted every week. Not only about farming, Muna also often provides material about religious, according to her all forms of activities undertaken by the breeders should always be based on religious values ​​from starting to maintain to sell the goat.

“Honesty is one of the values ​​taught in religion. If when raising goats and then selling them dishonest farmers then there will have no blessing in this effort” she said.

Newsroom/Lailatul Istikhomah

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