SAPURAN. Thursday (6/12). Rumah Zakat Facilitator in Sapuran village, Ita Dwi and PKK RT02 / RW12 mothers in Lempongsari Sapuran Village for the first time held an Elderly Posyandu at the RT level. This activity was only attended by member of PKK RT02.

Initially, the Sapuran village only had 3 Elderly Posyandu, namely in Kauman village, Sudagaran village, and Sidodadi village. But according to the village midwife, Mrs. Yayuk, as the midwife who accompanied this activity felt that the Elderly Posyandu activities in the three Posyandu were not going well.


“Sometimes there are only a few who come, considering the area of ​​the subdistrict that is indeed very wide, which consists of 13 RWs,” explained Mrs. Yayuk.


Therefore, at the village PKK cadre meeting on 2 December, Ms. Yayuk gave a solution to do the Elderly Posyandu in each RT. This is to optimize the number of participants present and can be held at the time of monthly PKK activities.


Luckily, Lempongsari village has Posyandu cadres who have blood pressure devices, so they can be borrowed to check. Of course this activity only covers mothers who participate in the PKK, while the fathers have not been included.


The cadres hope that with this Elderly Posyandu in each RT was that more residents could be monitored by cadres. Even though we can only check the weight, blood pressure to waist circumference, because of the limitations of the equipment that is not yet complete, it does not reduce the enthusiasm of the residents of RT02 RW 02 to always carry out checks every month.



Asih Sholihah / Abdullah Thabit

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