desa-binaan-mobil-sehat-pgn-ukir-prestasiCIKARANG. Posyandu Alkasia 7 Pasirsari village assisted by PGN Healthy Car and RZ Cikarang won third runner up in Posyandu Competition Bekasi Regency level which was held on July 28, 2016. The prizes of third runner up consist up 2 a nebulizer, 2 tensimeter, 1 steelyard, 1 height measuring instruments and cash of 3.5 million rupiah.

This is a remarkable achievement for Posyandu Alkasia 7, initially Posyandu Alkasia 7 prior to be accompanied by assisted village program from PGN healthy car was still minimal by means of Posyandu. Before there an assistance from PGN and RZ posyandu only use the porch for registration and while cross-legged on the floor, but Alhamdulillah after the coaching from PGN and RZ , Posyandu progress very rapidly.

” Alhamdulillah, since there is an assistance from Village assisted village program from PGN healthy car, posyandu Alkasia 7 growth veru rapidly, which from the beginning means Posyandu is very minimal and even the registration was still cross-legged on the floor now has a desk and other means is completed as well.” Said Acih, the chairman of posyandu cadres. “Even the visit levels also rose 100%” she continued.

Moreover, the level of visit increase, from 26 to 40, now reaches 75 visitors. In addition to assistance for facilities, PGN and RZ also provide assistance in the form of training of cadres during 12 meetings with specific curriculum and mentoring in the form of PMT (Supplementary Feeding). Besides, the number of cadres who is 3 cadres now 4 cadres and posyandu Alkasia 7 status increase from Primary to Associate.

Newsroom/Cecep Lubis Hidayat

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