MAKASSAR. Thursday (21/07), after the Idul Fitri celebration passed, not a few of the residents in Kampung Parang busy with activities and attending the wedding ceremony. Thus, local residents experience increased blood pressure and blood sugar, due to excessive food consumption. In addition, the numbers of events that must be attended by citizens cause the health of residents disturbed.


Rumah Zakat synergize with Cita Sehat Foundation as a partner in the field of health again held a class of diabetes education and hypertension in Empowered Village Tamalanrea, Parang Makassar.


A diabetes and hypertension education program is one of the community empowerment in preventing a disease by checking blood pressure and blood sugar. These activities aim to improve the quality of public health.


One of the citizens who did the health check was Mrs. Dg. Nannang (63 yrs), after checking glucose her glucose level has increased to 385 mg / dL which means her blood sugar is in the high category


“I am very grateful with Rumah Zakat, although my sugar is high, but if often come in every activity of Rumah Zakat like this, my health condition can be more controlled. Health education provided was very useful and made me know better how to maintain health. Thanks donators and volunteers of Rumah Zakat. ” Said Mrs. Dg. Nannang one of the beneficiaries.

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