KOSONG ISLAND-JAYAPURA. Rizki (2th), continues to disturb his grandmother Samsia Ode (36th) when his grandmother will warm the rendang and process Superqurban beef corned. Rizki kept trying to taste the rendang in the tin when he first found it.

After being invited to play for some time, Rizki can feel the rendang that he awaited. Samsia was happy because she saw her grandson eat it. “Want corned beef too?” Asked Samsia. Rizki nodded and affirmed his grandmother.

Rizki is Samsia’s first grandson from her second daughter, Suryani (19 th). Samsia got married when she was only 13 years old, so she now has grandchildren. The Samsia family is very simple. The house is on stage, made of bamboo. They live in an area that is also very worthy of assistance, namely Kosong Island, Jayapura, Papua.

“Father is a fisherman, work together with their friends, his salary is Rp50.000, it can be less than Rp50.000. Lately, the fish are hard to catch,” said Samsia. Samsia and her family are among the portraits of many of our brothers who rarely consume meat. Your Qurban can be one of the solutions for them.

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Kosong Island-Jayapura

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