DIARY EKSPEDISI BHAKTI PMK 2016 (1)  PULAU BAJO, SURGA DI BUMI TENGGARA INDONESIABIMA. After sailing for almost three days, finally Bhakti PMK 2016 expedition team arrived in Bajo island, Bima, West Nusa Tenggara on Tuesday (03/05) ago. The scenic beauty of the earth’s in Southeast Indonesia welcomed the RZ volunteer team which is one of participants in Bhakti PMK 2016 expedition before docking at Bajo island.
There are plenty of fishing boats around KRI BANDA ACEH 593 that brought the expedition team. This action is a sign of respect and warm welcome from the Bajo residents. As a thank you KRI BANDA ACEH sound a blaring horn and responded by cheers and hand waving from the fishermen.
“I am touched by this wonderful welcome. It’s like coming home and greeted by relatives who have been longing to see.” Said Fajri Sabti, one of RZ Volunteers who participated in the expedition
Bajo Island, otherwise known as Bajo Pulo is the first island that became the action target of expedition team. Bajo Pulo is divided to 3 villages, namely West Bajo Pulo, Central Bajo Pulo and East Bajo Pulo. West Bajo Pulo, Central Bajo Pulo are in the island, while East Bajo Pulo located on a small island across to two other villages.
The village placed in the different island because of Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) is a cluster of beautiful and exotic small islands. Among these islands there is a blue sea with very beautiful coral reefs. Coral reefs are colorful, even while on LCU, beautiful shade of coral reefs are clearly visible.

Once in Bajo Pulo, the expedition team was welcomed by the Regent of Bima. Regent of Bima is very happy about the arrival of the volunteers there. He recalled that the Bajo Pulo is the driest area in Bima, it is because Bajo Pulo formed from large rocks. Therefore, the condition of society in Bajo Pulo was quite apprehensive with dry land conditions.

Before starting the action, RZ Volunteers took time to explore West Bajo Pulo. West Bajo Pulo inhabited by 105 families whose majority are Muslims. West Bajo Pulo is dominated by the Bugis, you know Bugis, don’t you? Yep, Bugis is known as an accomplished sailor. So, no wonder if people here are fishermen. Weather in Bajo West Pulo is scorching and dry, that’s why when RZ Volunteers arrived, the residents directly provide cold drinks … (they are worried if volunteers get dehydration..hehehe)

There is one interesting thing in West Bajo Pulo. Although it is a dry land but almost all of its citizens raising goats. Just imagine, how the cattle can eat? Whereas the soil cannot plant the grass for animal feed.

Apparently, the secret is when residents cook meals for the family, they are also split it for the goat. In addition, the goats in West Bajo Pulo can eat paper and cement wrap but don’t be mistaken even though eat the papers, the goat breed well and healthy.

In the field of education, West Bajo Pulo only has one primary school and one junior who had just completed last week with a number of teachers are extremely limited. According to Mrs. Seriela, one of the teachers there, the state of education in West and Central Pulo Bajo is indeed alarming, because the location of the village on a small island with no easy accessibility. Residents in Bajo Pulo no one has qualified to be a teacher.
“Local teacher who had taught here, they are not always competent as well. Several times there are teachers from other areas who taught here, but they do not fit at all” Said Mrs. Seriela.

RZ volunteers began to take action on the next day (05/04). There are two main agenda that day such as PSB (Disaster Preparedness for students), SuperQurban corned beef and mutton distribution and distribution of mukena. PSB program was implemented in SMPN 8 Sape satu atap. The school only has two classrooms and 20 teachers without the teachers’ room.
RZ Volunteers implement PSB, because Bima is an area that is prone to disasters, such as fires and volcanoes. Through this program, RZ volunteers taught them how to cope with the disaster, ranging from how to self-rescue, evacuation and how to give first aid when someone get injured. Students of SMPN 8 Sape satu atap was very enthusiastic to join the activities, they were very excited when volunteers RZ invite them to do a simulation.

After PSB activities, Volunteer RZ continued the journey to the cape of Bajo Pulo, precisely to the village of Central Pulo Bajo. There, volunteers distribute SuperQurban corned and mukena for residents. All the residents are very happy to receive help from RZ, for the first time they could eat meat in the form of corned beef. In Bajo Pulo, RZ Volunteers distribute 7,500 SuperQurban corned.

Residents in Central Pulo Bajo are experiencing water shortages. To meet the need for clean water, they have to buy water to Sape at 20,000 / jerrycan. In addition, people here also are less concerned with the cleanliness of the environment. They are used to dispose of plastic waste and others things in the ocean.

On friday (05/05), Volunteer RZ back to continue the action. This time, the action carried out in the town of Sape, Bima. Sape residents welcomed RZ volunteers warmly and friendly, they even welcomedVolunteers with typical food fromSape, there are grilled fish, fish curry with spices typical of Bima, and do not forget the typical sauce from Bima made of a mixture of sliced tomatoes, small leaves tasted like mint, sliced red peppers and tamarind.

Finished the banquet, volunteers began walking around Sape town. Here, stages houses dominated this are it aims to avoid the tides. While walking around, RZ Volunteer shared SuperQurban corned to citizens and food container for school children. They were very happy to receive aid from RZ.

Once finished distributing the aid, Volunteer RZ directly to Sape pier. There already standby a small boat waiting to bring the volunteers back to Bajo Pulo. The Ship owners invites Volunteer to visit Central Bajo Pulo, there they were greeted warmly by the family owners of the boat. RZ Volunteers treated to eat, and this made RZ volunteers were very happy … hehehehe

In Central Bajo Pulo, Volunteer RZ met a grandfather. When he was young, he is an accomplished sailor, but because his condition is getting weaker, he is now just stay at home. The grandfather lives with his wife in a very simple hut, he and his wife had no children.

“No problem being poor, as long as we have a lot of families everywhere. We are happy to have got a lot of families. “Reveal the grandfather.

When volunteers RZ packed up the aid, the grandfather saw the Quran to be distributed. He was interested and asked for a Quran. He opened the Quran and began to read haltingly, perhaps because of his vision that has begun to blur. Seeing the grandfather difficulty RZ Volunteers guided him to read the Quran.

Before returning to West Bajo Pulo, RZ Volunteers took to fly a kite, and romp with several children of central Bajo Pulo.

“Chatting and joking with children of Bajo Island, West Nusa Tenggara managed to eliminate all fatigue in this expedition. Their laughter are like an extra energy for us. “Said Bintang, RZ Volunteer

Volunteers RZ provides the Quran and Iqro to children in central Bajo Pulo. They bounced happily to accept the gift. After playing with the children, volunteers returned to West Bajo Pulo.

Finally, a series of actions in Bajo Pulo has been completed. Volunteers RZ and other expedition team are immediately making preparations to continue the voyage to the second targeted island, namely Wetar Island, Maluku Barat Daya. Because the process of loading and unloading at KRI BANDA ACEH quite long, about 10 hours, then RZ volunteers spare their time to roam Labuhan Bajo.

“We will try to Dive in Labuhan Bajo. Labuhan Bajo is one of the 10 best tourist spots in Indonesia, so it is a pity that we did not explore its beauty. “Reveal putra, RZ Volunteer.

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