DIARY EKSPEDISI BHAKTI PMK 2016 (2)  BAHAGIA MENGUNJUNGI SAUDARA MUSLIM DI PULAU WETAR, MALUKU BARAT DAYAMALUKU. It has been two days that Expedition Team of Bhakti PMK 2016 since it took off the Lego from Bajo Island on Friday (05/06) ago. In Sunday (08/05) sunny morning, finally KRI Banda Aceh docked in Wetar Island, Maluku Barat Daya.

Wetar Island, or known as Pig Island is predominantly Christian. The island is fertile, contours of the land is hilly with lush green landscape. From green scenery, we can know that the Wetar Island is a lush island which is different from the previous land; Bajo Island looks barren and dry.

Wetar island contour of the sea is very flat and steep straight up to 200 meters depth. The sea is very blue and clear, so crystal clear, flying fish that having a swim can be seen clearly on the lip of the dock.

Besides full of natural beauty, Wetar Island also filled with myth and intrigue magic … hehehe … it is stated by the local community. If Java is predominantly Muslim, we never see pigs hang around even we are also difficult to find citizens who raise pigs, but here, in the residential area, the Pigs roam to find the food like chickens.

Most of the Wetar Island residents are fishermen and Kopra farmers, therefore no wonder when RZ Volunteers walked around the villages, they found many kopra trees. The island is cool, all the way is full of green trees. So, although RZ Volunteers have to walk far to distribute aid, they did not fell hot and exhausted.
Wetar Island residents have a gold mine located in the western part of the island. In addition to a gold mine, in Wetar Island there are many swamps that contain large crocodiles. Reportedly, not a few people who become victims of the crocodiles.

When the expedition team arrived at a village called Ilwaki, the team was greeted with a welcome song and local dance. The residents who majority is Christian greeted volunteers very friendly. Children gathered, cheered and welcomed the expedition team. In Wetar Island, the welcoming ceremony carried out in the Robotos.

After the welcoming ceremony, RZ Volunteer went directly to SD Ilwaki to hold Student Disaster Preparedness program (PSB). RZ Volunteers used storytelling to explain about natural disasters and how to preserve the nature in Wetar Island, such as not littering, especially to the sea, because it would make polluted sea and a lot of fish will die. In this activity, RZ Volunteers also synergize with Baznas presenting magic shows with simple tricks to entertain children. And the entertainment was quite managed to make more and more children who participated gathered and surround the Volunteers, moreover RZ Volunteers also gave gifts in the form of food container, drinking water. So that the children were enthusiastic to participate in the activity

By the time of midday, all of first day agenda in Wetar Island of has been completed, and when RZ Volunteers walked around the village to look for a place to perform prayer, they met with two local Muslim around SD Ilwaki. RZ Volunteers immediately asked for permission to perform prayer in their homes, the two Muslim women who are mother and daughter welcomed the volunteers at their home with happily.

In Siti Rahamseisa’s house, RZ volunteers gathered and talked about the condition of Muslims in Pulau Wetar. Volunteers RZ called Ibu Siti as, Mama and called her daughter as Buk Nur. Mama told how her late husband when the struggle to reconcile Muslims which are a minority with a majority of Christians and how they struggle to pray when they did not have a single mosque. Mama tells all the while in tears, it made the Volunteers touched.

Mama husband died when they were trying to build a small mosque to pray, and also as a place where children learn the Quran. Her husband is a koramil, and after he died, the attempt to set up a prayer room be stalled until now.

Volunteers RZ gave SuperQurban corned for Mama and the people around. Unfortunately, on the first day of distribution, RZ Volunteers did not bring Quran, because according the information that in Wetar Island there is no single Muslim. This makes Volunteers RZ really sorry, because the agenda in Wetar Island is only one day, it was impossible to go back to Ilwaki.

After the banquet at Mama’s house, RZ Volunteers also asked for leave to go back to the pier KRI. Mama sent off Volunteers with tears. But even so, Mama said that she was very happy to be visited by Muslim brothers who come from far away.

When RZ Volunteers entered into a truck that will take the expedition team to the Wharf, one RZ Volunteer told about Mama and the condition of Muslims in Wetar to the Chairman of the PMK. Alhamdulillah, it directly responded well, and it was decided that tomorrow they will return to Wetar Island, precisely to Ilwaki village. RZ Volunteers are asked to bring all of the Quran to be given to Mama and bu Siti to be distributed to all the Muslims there.

Volunteers RZ were very happy with that decision. They also directly off the truck and immediately returned home to mama’s house that happens to be located on the coast. Volunteers said that tomorrow they will return to Ilwaki with the Qur’an. Mama shed tears for pleasure.

The next day (05/09), Volunteer RZ back to Wetar, precisely to Ilwaki Island brought Quran. That day, the volunteers took time to visit Wetar Muslims. At the same time a sense of happiness burst of when the volunteers met them. They welcome RZ volunteers like their brothers who return to wander from the other side. The man hugged volunteers one by one, to say hello and say thank you for visiting.

Mama Siti invited RZ volunteers to see a small mosque told yesterday. Rudimentary Small Mosque, since there is only a roof without walls. Muslims Wetar told how they struggle to be together and prayers at this mosque. In fact, in order to pray the Eid fitr or Eid al-Adha in congregation, some residents should walk all day to arrive in Ilwaki village. That, too, some of them cannot pray in the mosque because it is not enough, usually, those who missed prayers at the mosque will be praying under ketapang tree. Perhaps, for us who live in areas with a majority Muslim, mosque stands everywhere, we cannot imagine their struggles. In fact, we who live in the city, whose house is close to the mosque are still reluctant to pray in the mosque.

In Wetar Island there no Ustadz or Ulama who can teach them about Islam, The one who teach them is army and police Muslims who gets the assignment in Wetar. They teach Quran to the children in the afternoon when they don’t have official duties. Masha’allah … outstanding soldiers and police assigned in the outskirt place, not only the State’s mission, they spread Islam. May God always protect them and ease all their affairs. Aamiin

By noon, RZ Volunteer asked a permission to go back to KRI Banda Aceh because they must set sail to the Saumlaki Island in Maluku Tenggara Barat. Mama Siti sent of RZ Volunteers with a heavy heart. She was back in expressing her gratitude for the assistance given.

Bye, Mama Siti and Muslim brothers in Wetar. May you always be blessed. 🙂

Newsroom/Ria Arianti

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