strong>DIBINA RZ, YUYUN PUN MENJADI MUZAKIJAKARTA. Yuyun Trihandini, resident of Kediri, East Java, Now, she become muzaki (Benefactor) after previously existed as mustahik (Beneficiaries).

Yuyun has a chocolate business that is processed into a variety of packaging. Her products are not only sold in modern retail stores, but also online (online). Her business is not just growing as it is today.

According to Yuyun, the increase in this effort began in 2013. At that time, Yuyun got an offer to be assisted by RZ so that her business can be more advance. Previously, her products only manufactured based on order only.
“When met with RZ, I got an offer to be fostered. Okay, I immediately agree.” Yuyun said when contacted by Replubika on Monday (13/06).

Since then, her business started the production permanently. RZ helped her to find solutions to the problems faced earlier. Problem faced at that time is on marketing. Yuyun was then introduced to a person skilled in the field.

Not only that, Yuyun also aided related to marketing, including training every two weeks. In the training, discussed the problems faced when run the business. “Until now, I still consult to Rumah Zakat” she said.

Yuyun is grateful for her efforts are now able to earn a turnover about Rp 15 million to Rp 20 million. The number is far from the turnover obtained previously, which is about Rp. 2 million. Yuyun is also grateful to pay the Zakah of the results of her business.

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