BANTEN. Dida Setiadi as the facilitator of Rumah Zakat, empowers the village community in Labuan village, Mancak District, Serang Regency, Banten. Empowerment program implemented by Mr Dida (greeting familiar), is chili cultivation.

Chili is a horticultural commodity (cultivation of garden crops) that is best known and needed by the community. Throughout the year demand for chili can be fairly high. But the supply conditions of chili itself can not be stable in a year. One example is seen from the spike in the price of chili that almost happens if the rainy season arrives. Chili plants are classified as not resistant to water conditions that are too high therefore supply of chili must decrease during the rainy season arrives.

The cultivation of chillies in Labuan Village is one of the community empowerment programs implemented. Utilizing a 7000 meter area of land owned by Mr. Sobirin and Mrs. Siti Rodiah, Pak Dida encouraged them to grow chili. Coaching such as training, processing, and distribution of chilli seedlings conducted starting from March 2016.

“Alhamdulillah, currently only 550 kg of curly pepper from the first harvest in December 2018. Farmers pick once every 3 days, once picked 70 kg. In addition to the consumption of KWT members, it also becomes an additional income by selling chilies to the Cilegon market. Hopefully until the end of harvest can reach 2 tons of chili, “said Dida.


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