SIMATORKIS SISOMA, Sunday (04/08). When the sound of azan echoed outside the masjid, the sound of children running towards the mosque can be heard. These great children want to perform the dawn or Fajr prayer together with the crowd.

The Fajr prayer is one of the causes of entering paradise. The Prophet SAW said, “Whoever does the bardain prayers (fajr and asr prayer) then he will enter paradise.” (Bukhari and Muslim HR)

Every Sunday morning after the morning prayer, the activity these children have are subuh or dawn education. The number of children present this morning was around 35 people. Children begin the activity by displaying their memorization regarding the recitation in juz 30, and other memorization such as the name of the angels and their duties, Asmaul Husna, prayer reading, the names of the prophets, the nature that is obligatory for Allah SWT.

The children get up early and do the dawn prayer which allows the children to get accustomed to come forward. They are the future leaders who need to have the courage performing and speaking well.

“May Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala provide multiple rewards and sustenance. Aamiin.” Said Teacher Palit Rambe.

Let us be an example for our children and pray our Fajr prayers together.


Hanaa Afifah

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