DITA, “SAYA SEDIH KARENA TAHUN INI LULUS”PURWAKARTA. Sunday, (07/05) Purwakarta regional coordinator conducted the first mentoring activity in May at Assalam Mosque Jalan Morse no. 1 Krakatau Steel Cilegon Complex, Kotabumi subdistrict, Purwakarta District, Cilegon. Among the attendees, Dita Kuniarsih is the newly graduated students.

Mentoring activities held twice a month in Purwakarta development area, giving a special impression for Dita Kurniasih. She admitted that she felt sad because she has graduated high school. “Although I graduated, but I feel sad because later cannot participate again in activity conducted by Rumah Zakat,” Dita said.

“I am very happy to be Rumah Zakat foster children ‘Anak Juara’, in addition to the school I also can learn a lot here, hopefully in the future Rumah Zakat more advanced and can help more disadvantaged people” Dita added.

Meanwhile, Safrudin, Regional Coordinator of Purwakarta keep giving spirit to Dita, “Even though Dita has graduated, it does not mean that she should not follow the activity. She can still follow the activity of Rumah Zakat, such as helping mentors so that her knowledge is improved and useful, ” Safrudin said.

Dita is Anak Juara PT. Krakatau Consultant. After graduation, she will find a job in advance to pay for college in the next year.

Newsroom/Dian Ekawati


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